What you will find in my blog! :)

Hello there!

I’m Xico, and I like to do a lot of things…from reading novels and classic poetry to skating, from having a good time cooking for dinner to watch full seasons of TV series eating only fast food. Unfortunately you grow as a person as well as your obligations and you realised there is not much time left to spend on every single thing you like and still succeed, so I chose to focus on the four things I like the most and those for topics are the ones leading this blog. They are:

1. Computer Science: I’m an engineering student, It’s amazing the amount of technological tools that arise every day, I am specializing in web application development, but I also like development for mobiles.
2. Entrepreneurship: I’m very conscious about my function in my community and in the society in general. This motivates me to look for ways to succeed and to find ways how to support in a positive way the well-being and the development of my family and the social development in general. That’s why I decided to continue to study a field at the university that allows me to promote the development of the society based on technology and science. By this, I could awake in my family and my community, the desire of being part of the change of the society with a better lifestyle; social entrepreneurship is one of the ways I like to support.
If you share that feeling or you have an idea and you need someone with expertise in internet or software development do not hesitate to contact me.
3. Animals: My family and I love animals, my sister owns 4 turtles and 2 Holland rabbits. I have a 29 gallon tank, it is a freshwater planted aquarium with 16 fish of 7 different spices and I just adopted a dog, my best buddy n wingman Lucho a brindle akita. You will be seeing videos or pictures of all these beautiful creatures.
4. Music: Almost all my relatives know how to play at least one song on a guitar or piano, It’s like a family thing. I like to play guitar and I just started to learn how to play piano. On my YouTube channel there’s proof of all that.
    So those are the main topics that will lead my blog, I also like to meet new people so feel free to write a comment, email me( [email protected] ) or follow me on the social networks, we may have the chance to meet or work together.
The ones I use the most are: twitter: @XicoOfficial | Instagram: @XicoOfficial | YouTube: YouTube.com/XicoOfficial | LinkedIn: linkedIn.com/in/XicoOfficial | Facebook: facebook.com/XicoOfficial.     But you can also find me on Vine, MySpace, Flickr n many others as: Edwin Xico (XicoOfficial) Check the links at the top of the blog! 🙂
Thanks for spending some of your time reading my blog, I hope you have found something interesting.
Edwin Xico
Student / Entrepreneur