My new mean of transport!

Part of my time is spent supporting an NGO based in Chimaltenango whose aim is to support women’s organizations in rural areas. It offers advice at every stage of their projects so that they can achieve their goals effectively.

As part of my duties, I visit communities where some of our women members live. One way of saving resources and easily access to those communities is by making use of a motorcycle instead of a 4×4 vehicle, that was the main reason that prompted me to make the purchase.IMG_2785

I remember as a child my father and I used to tour various several places on his motorcycle. If I didn’t have to visit remote communities I would never have thought about buying a motorcycle, but always existed within me the desire to have my own venture by Guatemala in two wheels. Mymom does not like the idea much, and she is right, it’s safer to drive a car.

I am happy that I finally got my own motorcycle, I still fear I have to drive in the city but I hope that I would get used to it.

I would not like to reveal the motorcycle I acquired yet, although the photos I publish will reveal it latter. I am only saying that it’s a dual-sport bike, I was interested in one that will perform well in both highways and dirt roads. It has a 4-stroke engine and 250cc which generates a power of 24 horses at 8000 rpm; that’s more than enough for my taste.

I have not had the chance to venture on a long journey and I´m still finishing to break it in, and also because I got the plates and registration certificate yesterday.

This is the first post of many others to come about my experience on a motorcycle and some tours I ride. It will be also my first experience handling a motorcycle so I would appreciate any suggestions or comments about it.

IMG_2522 IMG_2784