I am a Guatemalan based IT consultant & social entrepreneur.

I am aware of my role in society. This motivates me to seek ways to support the welfare and development of my community through the use of technology.

I\’m Edwin Xico,

I\’m a Guatemala based IT consultant, social entrepreneurship advocate, lifelong learner and social media lunatic.

I am an egineering student. I am specializing in web application development, but I also like web design and develop apps for mobiles.

I’m very conscious about my function in my community and in the society.This motivates me to look for a direction to succeed and to find ways how to support in a positive sense the well-being and the development of my family and the social development in general. That’s why I decided to continue to study a field at the university that allows me to promote the development of the society based on technology and science. By this, I could awake in my family and my community, the desire of being part of the change with a better lifestyle.

I love animals, I adopted a puppy in 2013, my best buddy and wingman Lucho a brindle furry akita. Although I try very hard to be spotless I hope you understand that somehow my dog fur finds its way to some of my clothes.

In my free time I like to take my guitar and play some of the old songs that my father taught me, to read a good book or spend time with my friends.

But most importantly, I am always open to new challenges.



+(502) 4212-1120


Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala