The story of how I met my best buddy and wingman Lucho the brindle akita

I love dogs and I had always wanted to have my own dog, unfortunately my mom didn’t share the same feeling, it was not because she doesn’t like dogs but because she knew I wouldn’t be responsible for it. I realize now that she was right since it takes a lot of work to raise a dog, But I decided to take the risk five months ago and it was totally worth it.

    About 7 months ago one of my best friends who lived next to my apartment told me she wanted to get a puppy, I remember I was so excited with that idea, we were really close friends so even though that wouldn’t be my puppy I would had the chance to see the puppy growing up.
    I start asking some friends if they knew anyone selling puppies, we finally received a call from a friend living in Quetzaltenango telling me that she knew a place where there were Akita puppies for sale. We didn’t hesitate and bought the dog right away, my friend didn’t own a car so I drove for 6 hours to get there and finally meet the puppy. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, the puppy was two months old, Gray and with white paws. 
    The idea at that moment was to bring the puppy back to the city and give it to my friend, She is from Wyoming, USA and she would leave Guatemala after 7 months and take the puppy with her.

I spend the day in Quetzaltenango, the next day, after another six hours driving, I was back in the city with the new member of the pack. My friend was so excited to get this new puppy. She used to spend most of the day in my house and when she couldn’t take care of the puppy she would leave the puppy with me so I was near the puppy almost everyday and I got to love him so much.

    Unfortunately the plans changed for my friend and she would have to leave Guatemala much earlier, we started getting all the puppy papers in order. We didn’t have much luck, the day of the flight was too hot for dogs to fly according to the airline so the puppy couldn’t leave.
    The dog stayed with me, I could have looked for another responsible owner but that was not an option to me, I really loved the dog so I decided to keep him. And that’s how I got the puppy.
    It’s been 6 months since I met Lucho and about 5 since I decided to keep him as my own dog. A lot of things had changed, I had to move to a bigger house so he can have more space, I’ve read a couple books, seen some documentaries and asked some vets in order to be well informed and raise a great dog.
    He is been a great friend, a great companion for life, I don’t regret at all have kept him.


    I am Edwin Xico and this was the story of how I met Lucho, my best buddy and wingman, the brindle Akita.