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I\’m Edwin Xico, and I used to do a little of everything, I like to do a lot of things. From reading novels to skating; from enjoying a nice moment cooking something new to spend the watch full seasons of TV series eating only fast food.

Time makes a person grow and so does our obligations. I realised that there is not enough time to do everything I liked and still be successful, so I decided to focus on the things I liked the most and from those came the topics I write on my different blogs.

Professionally, I work in the digital marketing and web technologies industry, but in general I like to get involved and strongly support organisations that are generating a positive impact on society. Finally, I enjoy taking a few hours during the week to go out on my bike to discover new roads, or take my best friend \”Lucho\” for a trip, and document some of our adventures.

Most of my posts are in Spanish, since it is my native language, so check this link for all the Spanish posts. But here are a few that I had the time to translate into English as well:

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